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Tapfiliate Glossary

A short guide to frequently used keywords and terms

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A - C


Person participating in an affiliate program.

Affiliate group

An affiliate group is a special group of users w

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Affiliate prospect

An affiliate prospect is someone who has received a referral link but is not yet an affiliate.

Affiliate recruitment

Affiliate recruitment is a feature that allows you to issue referral links to your customers, without them ever having to sign up to your program on their own.

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The balance refers to the amount that an affiliate is due. An affiliate's balance is calculated in the following manner:

  • All approved commissions minus paid out amounts.


Bonuses are rewards that can be automatically issued when an affiliate reaches a pre-set goal.

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A cap is a limit on the amount of conversions that can be tracked for a specific customer.

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A click is counted when a user arrives to your website via a referral link, triggering the click tracking script on your landing page.


A commission is the reward an affiliate will receive when they drive a conversion. This can be either calculated depending on the amount of the conversion (percentage based), or a fixed reward.

Commission types

This is a feature that allows you to create additional commission types and rates - useful in the case that you'd like to issue different commissions per action or roduct/sku. May require the help of a developer to implement.

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A conversion is what is tracked when a cookied user arrives on a page with a conversion tracking script. This page is typically a Thank you or Order confirmation page. Conversions are listed in the Conversions Page.

A cookie is what is placed in the user's browser when they follow a referral link. A cookie contains attribution and program information, which can later be used to attribute a conversion to the affiliate that referred the user.

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A discount/promo/voucher code that users submit at checkout, which can be used to track and attribute conversions to a specific affiliate. Set up of coupon tracking may require the help of a developer.

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Custom field

A custom field is a question added to your onboarding form. This feature is available with our Pro plan.

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A Customer would represent a referred user; a person who has purchased your product or signed up for your service.

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D - F

Deep link

A way to create additional links to specific pages of the website by adding extra parameters to the referral link.

External id

Unique identifier for a conversion. It should be a unique value that you can use to cross-reference Tapfiliate conversion data with your transactional records.

G - I


The process of installing Tapfiliate on your website.

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J - L

Lifetime commission

Commission structure whereby all conversions/purchases made by a referred customer will be attributed to the affiliate that initially referred them.

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M - O


Additional information that can be retrieved with a conversion. May require the assistance of a developer to help implement.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

A marketing strategy whereby affiliates are able to recruit other affiliates (sub-affiliates) and earn commissions from conversions driven by recruited sub-affiliates.

One-off commission

Commission structure whereby the cookie placed in a user's browser determines attribution.

P - R


Shorthand for "Affiliate marketing program". A program is the context or environment in which your affiliates get referral links which they can use to drive conversions and earn commissions on said conversions. An Advertiser sets program's commission structure in the commission structure settings page of the program.

Recurring commission

Commission structure whereby all payments generate a conversion for the affiliate that referred a subscriber to a service. More commonly used by SaaS/Subscription services.

S - U


A very useful tool that allows affiliates to cover the regular URL in a prettier form of a shorter address. Can be found if the new version of the Affiliate portal.

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Team member

Another member within your organization that helps you manage your affiliate marketing program.

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A specific event that prompts another action or sequence of action. For example, program approval could launch an email.

V - Z

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