How affiliates can deep link

Point your audience to the content, products or pages you want them to see.

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Note: if you're beta-testing our affiliate portal you can use our deep-link generator! See & read how it works in our article: Affiliate Portal (beta).

Deep linking

It may be possible that an affiliate would like to point their audiences to specific pages within an Advertiser's website. For example, they may want to:

  • Connect users to specific products from your online shop.

  • Link users to relevant marketing content that could resonate with their audiences (like a website blog).

  • Direct users to specific products they're reviewing or using.

Deep linking not only directs your affiliates' audiences to the content that could interest them, but also gives your affiliates the flexibility and power to drive traffic where they may find it could be most productive and conducive towards conversions. 

Below we will go over the different ways that an affiliate can create their own deep links.

How to deep link   

How you deep link depends on the tracking method being used in your affiliate program. Below, we will discuss the different methods, and how you may deep link depending on your case.

Query & Hash method (most common)

If your affiliate's link contains your unique referral code (like this: )  you can place the referral code part (?ref=nlmjdis29 ) at the end of any link in the advertiser's site

For example: 


In the case that you'd like to set a source along with your deep link, you can attach the ?tap_s=  parameter that's generated for a source at the very end of your deep link, like so: 


If your current program only supports anonymized links (these use a combination of tap_a  & tap_s  query parameters that cannot be modified), place these two values at the end of any link on the advertiser's website to make it trackable. 

For example: 


Redirect method: 

When using redirect tracking, your affiliate link will look roughly as follows: .

In this case, affiliates can append &d=LINK-TO-SPECIFIC-PAGE to their affiliate link, like so:


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