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Passing conversion or customer metadata to affiliates
Passing conversion or customer metadata to affiliates

How to relay additional conversion or customer information to your affiliates (i.e. product details)

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Note: Be aware that passing sensitive/identifying customer data to affiliates can enter in conflict with the European GDPR.

Our pre-made integrations will, by default, fetch only the critical data needed to track a conversion: an external id, an order amount, and a customer id (if available).

But what if you would like to fetch additional conversion data?

Fetching metadata could allow you to fetch additional information about the transaction, such as:

  • What plan is being purchased

  • What product their referred users are buying

  • Gender of the customer

  • Age range of the customer

  • Country of the customer

Please note that since metadata is an advanced functionality, you may need a developer to format your code or request, so that it is able to fetch this additional information. For information on where you could find one, please refer to this article.

Step 1. Collect metadata

If you want to pass conversion/customer metadata along with the basic conversion data, you will first need to enable the collection of this data in your script or REST API request. Both methods are discussed below.

Collecting metadata via JS tracking script

Its possible to collect metadata by modifying your Tapfiliate conversion tracking code, as explained here.

Collecting metadata via REST API

Alternatively, you can track conversions with metadata by using the Create a conversion endpoint. If the conversion already exists, you can attach metadata to it using the Set metadata by key endpoint.

After you have collected metadata, it will appear along with the conversion or customer, and visible in your Advertiser account.

Step 2. Exposing metadata

After you have recovered metadata, you may proceed to expose it.

Go to your dashboard, go to your Settings tab > Under Program, go to 'Advanced'.

On the top of the screen, you'll see option 'Exposed meta data'.

Fill in the field a comma-separated list of the metadata keys that you added to your code, and would like to make visible for your affiliates (e.g., Company, Address, Age).

This is case sensitive, so make sure your input matches the metadata keys that have been posted along with the conversion or customer.

Don't forget to hit Save!


Is there information I should not expose?

While you can certainly collect customer information for your own purposes, we highly advise against exposing your customers' identifying data (email, name, address, phone number) to your affiliates.

Doing so is in direct conflict with GDPR, which forbids the sharing of identifying customer data to third parties (your affiliates) without the customer's explicit consent.

For more information, please refer to our GDPR page.

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