Where can I find a developer?

Options for users who need help implementing advanced features

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Tapfiliate is an advanced application on its own. However, there might be cases requiring a more specialized, technical implementation.

When you may need a developer

Situations that may call for a developer are:

If you don't have an in-house JavaScript developer who can help you implement some of these advanced features, we've gathered a few suggestions on where and how you can find one. 

Finding a developer

Here are some basic tips to get your search started!

  • Ask your social circle - Perhaps someone in your professional network has a reliable, proven reference they can point you to.

  • Search for a developer online or post a job - There are hundreds of freelance developers out there. However, be mindful that not all of them are top-notch.

  • Websites like Upwork and Fiverr list developers and their rates, but their talent isn't assessed and the quality of their work is neither assured nor guaranteed. As a general rule of thumb, avoid developers with a rate that's "too good to be true", because it probably is. You may end up with sloppy code or not get the intended result you're looking for. Check their previous projects, the amount they have earned, and their reviews to determine who to approach.

    For example, Alexandru Paul S. is a developer on Upwork who has reviews attesting to previous work with Tapfiliate, and has other reviews concerning JS & WordPress related integrations/projects. This would make them a good candidate to approach.

  • We advise users to turn to a service that thoroughly assesses their listed freelancers, or where users are encouraged to disclose their past work and experiences (such as guru.com).  

Need more insight?

We've prepared a full and very detailed blog post that dives deep into the subject of where you can find a developer, as well as sample job postings you can modify to fit your dev-searching needs.

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