By default, payouts are not automated. 

You can use our software to generate a .CSV file containing all of your affiliate's payment data. You can then upload this file to your chosen payment provider, where the actual payment can be executed and the payment sent to your affiliate. 

If you have a developer and would like to automate this process, this is possible via the REST API. 

See below for details regarding the endpoints that would be involved in this process. 

Automate your payment process

If you are using the Payments Page, it's possible to automate affiliate payments through Tapfiliate's REST API as follows: 

  1. Get the outstanding balances via this endpoint:

  2. Get the affiliate’s payout information:

  3. Complete the payment with your preferred payment provider, using that payment provider's API. 

  4. Create a new payment for the affiliate for the paid out amount using this endpoint:

Note: Please note that automating affiliate payments via the REST API is a process that requires the help of a developer to implement. 

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