All Tapfiliate partners have access to their very own dedicated dashboard.

Realizing that a better affiliate experience can impact your overall conversions, the Tapfiliate team is pumped to announce the release of a new user-friendly affiliate portal 🎉

How to access the new portal

To try the new version of the portal, your affiliates need to toggle the switch in the old version under Assets with the following updates.

What’s new?

Besides a completely new intuitive layout, the updated Affiliate Portal can boast a number of newly-developed features:

Short links

With the short links generator, your partners will be able to create attractive affiliate links, hiding referral codes or their sub IDs.

Why use short links? They are easier to share on social media. So if you want to go viral, a shortened link can be a great way to trigger social sharing.

Deep links

Let your affiliates generate deep links to a specific product or category page on the advertiser's website. This feature will help to drive more targeted traffic to relevant pages, increasing the chances of conversion.

Sources (revamped)

With sources, you can get more in-depth stats within the reporting module. Knowing the source can help affiliates better understand how and where their efforts are paying off and where their audiences are coming from. Affiliates will be able to see clicks and conversions per source they've created.

Customized affiliate portal

Wrap the affiliate dashboard in any custom color that matches your brand. You will also be able to white-label the affiliate dashboard with your logo for better brand visibility.

This feature is available with our Pro and Enterprise plans. If you'd like to gain access to this feature, you may upgrade your plan on your Billing page.


1. Can an affiliate switch back to the old version of the portal?

Yes, it is possible.

2. Is it possible to choose the language in the new affiliate portal?

As the new affiliate portal is currently in beta, it is only available in English.

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