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Create & assign different commission rates for certain affiliates

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We've also attached a short FAQ section at the end of this article.


Affiliate Groups

Let's say you'd like to acknowledge the efforts of a particularly active affiliate. Or perhaps you've struck a deal with a certain affiliate and agreed you'd offer them a higher commission rate. You'll be happy to know that our Affiliate Groups feature has got you covered.

Affiliate groups offers an easy way to organize your affiliates and create exclusive commission rates for the members within an affiliate group. That way, you can override the standard commission and issue a higher reward for the conversions they drive.

To find out how you can create these groups and assign their commissions, read more in the section below.

Please, note that starting from October 25, 2023, this feature is exclusively accessible through our Pro and Enterprise plans. For additional information on feature availability, kindly refer to our pricing page.


Setting up Affiliate Groups & their Commissions

Setting up your affiliate groups and setting their rate two-step process.

  1. Create an affiliate group

  2. Assign the affiliate group's commission rate

Here's a quick video of the process!

In case you need guidance at a slower pace, we have detailed the steps in the section below:

Step 1. Create an Affiliate group

The first step is to create your affiliate group.

To create your affiliate group, go to your Affiliates Overview. Once here, check the box next to the affiliate or affiliates you'd like to place in a group.

Once you have selected your affiliates, the "Set affiliate group" button with appear near the top of the page.

After you click on this button, a window will open. Select the "Create a new affiliate group" option, and give your group a name. Once you're done, click on the blue button to set your affiliate group.

As of now, you have created your affiliate group.

Next, we will set the group's unique commission rate in your program settings.

Step 2. Setting your affiliate group's commission rate

If you've got your group created, it's time to set it's commission rate.

To do this, go to your Settings > Commission structure.

Once you're reached your Commission structure page, you'll click on the commission you'd like to edit.

This will open a window, in which you will find an "Affiliate group commission rates" section.

In the Affiliate group commission rates section, click on "Add affiliate group commission" rate button. This will open a field where you can pick an existing affiliate group and assign that group their commission rate.

In our example, the group "Gold affiliates" has a 20% commission rate:

After you have indicated your group and set their rate, you can click Save.

Here's a quick video of the process!

What happens now?

After you've set up your group and assigned their commission rate, affiliates in that group will be able to enjoy a higher commission rate on future conversions, effective immediately. This change will not impact past conversions.


Adding & removing affiliates from an affiliate group

Adding and removing affiliates from a group is easy.

We've created a few ways for you to handle your affiliate's membership to an affiliate group.

Batch management

Batch management makes it easy to select one or more affiliates and adjust their group membership.

On your Affiliates Overview, you can use batch management to check the box next to their name. After you've done so:

  1. Click on the "Set affiliate group" button near the top.

  2. In the window that opens, choose the affiliate group to add them to from the list. Alternatively, you may remove them from the affiliate group by choosing the "Default (no group)" option.

Here's a quick video that shows another way of removing an affiliate from a group.

On the affiliate side-panel or profile

While on the Affiliates Overview page, open the affiliate side panel.

Here you can place an affiliate into an existing group by clicking on the field.

This opens a drop-down list of existing affiliate groups you can place the affiliate in.

In the case you'd like to remove the affiliate from a group they're in, simply click on the "x" at the right side of the field. You'll also find this same functionality and format when you go to the affiliate's full profile.


Setting affiliate group rates within a commission type

In some cases, you may want to set up an affiliate group commission for a specific product purchase or alternative conversion action.

In that case, you would set the commission rate for the affiliate group inside the commission type.

Inside the window that pops open, you will find the Affiliate group commission rates section. Here you can specify the group's rate for that specific commission type.


Advanced use cases and REST API endpoints

Multiple tiers of commission

REST API endpoints



Can I have multiple affiliate groups?

Yes, you can have multiple affiliate groups. Simply add them to the "Affiliate groups commission rates" section and set their respective rates.

Can I create a group and set a commission rate for one person only?

Yes, you can create a group specifically for one person and set up their unique commission rate accordingly.

Do Affiliate group changes impact old conversions?

No, affiliate group changes do not affect old conversions. Past conversions will follow the rules set at the time those conversions were created.

Changes made to the commission structure - including Affiliate group changes - will always impact new conversions recorded after the setting was changed.

If you'd like to change the commission of an old conversion, you will have to modify that commission. Alternatively, you can disapprove the old commission, and create a new conversion (new settings will apply).

Where can I see my affiliate groups?

You can find a list of your existing affiliate groups in your Settings > Affiliate groups tab. Here you will also find the affiliate group's API identifier, which is useful in case you want to do some nifty REST API automation.

Here you can also delete your groups. Do note that the group must have 0 members for the "Delete" option to be made available.

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