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What is the difference between an affiliate prospect and an affiliate?
What is the difference between an affiliate prospect and an affiliate?
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Our Affiliate recruitment feature allows you to create affiliate prospects - these are customers who receive a referral link to promote your business with, but are not yet official participants of your affiliate program.

There's a difference between an affiliate prospect and a regular affiliate: 

  • An affiliate prospect is a customer who has received a referral link that they can promote your program with. They have never accessed the Tapfiliate platform.
    Prospects become full-fledged affiliates and are invited to log into the platform access when they're promoted to become an affiliate

  • An affiliate is someone who was invited to join the program, or has been previously promoted. They're given access to the Tapfiliate platform, where they can indicate their payout method, retrieve their referral link & marketing assets, as well as review the conversions & customers they've driven. 

Is there a difference in the way they are created?

Yes, there is a difference in how affiliate prospects and affiliates are created.

  • Creating a prospect is a one-step process, whereby you plug in your source of prospects, and that's it. We'll know which program to add them to because you have indicated this information in Tapfiliate.

  • Creating a regular affiliate is a two-step process, whereby you create the affiliate first, and add them to the program second. You can read more on this here.

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