When you promote an affiliate prospect, they officially become an affiliate. There are three different ways an affiliate can be promoted: 

1. After the prospect drives a conversion or creating a new customer

  • If a the affiliate prospect drives a conversion or customer with their referral link, they will automatically be promoted and become an affiliate. 

2. Advertiser manually promotes affiliate prospect

  • You can manually promote the affiliate prospect from within your account. 

  • You can do this via batch management - simply check the box next to the affiliate's name. The promotion option will appear near the top of the screen. 

3. When the prospect logs in

  • If the temporary password is delivered in the first email the user receives, and the affiliate prospect logs in to their account, they will be immediately promoted and become an affiliate. 

Inform your affiliates when they're promoted

Remember to set up trigger email notifications to inform your affiliates that they can access the account. 

You can use the event "Affiliate prospect promoted" for this purpose.

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