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Add additional questions to the sign-up form and collect more information while onboarding your affiliates

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In this article we will discuss:

We've also included a short FAQ section at the bottom of this article.


Custom fields

When an affiliate signs up for your affiliate program, we make sure to gather an their basic details. But what if you need additional information about your affiliate? Or perhaps you'd like to ask additional questions about how they intend to promote your company?

Adding custom fields to the affiliate registration form is an easy way to gather additional affiliate information.

This can be used to collect affiliate information such as:

  • Social media handles or social media channels

  • The size of their audience/following

  • How they intend to promote your brand or products

  • How they heard about your affiliate program

  • Promotional strategies they use

  • The email of their account in your platform/shop

  • Their phone number

  • Their preferred coupon code (bear in mind, you'll assign the coupon for them later)

Please note: This feature should never be used to collect sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers (SSN).


Adding custom fields

If you'd like to add additional fields, go to your Settings page > Onboarding.

Here you will find the module in which you can create and add additional sign up questions.

There are two types of fields you can use to gather information:

  • Text - The affiliate types in their answer

  • Multiple choice - The affiliate chooses their answer from a drop-down list

Depending on the question and how important the answer is to you, you can choose to make it Required by toggling on the option on the left.

If you feel you need to clarify something, we've added a useful Description option, which allows you to add some information just beneath the field.

Be aware that the fields will be added to the second step of the affiliate sign-up form.

This can be seen after the affiliate hits the 'Sign Up Now' button, or when they're accessing the platform for the first time after being invited. 

Here's a quick video that shows this process!


Field validation

Validating fields
You have the option to use our custom fields feature to validate information as either Regex or Email.

You can find these validation options on the right side of the custom fields module.

Bear in mind that this is an advanced functionality. Setting up validation methods falls outside the scope of our support.

How to manage the default sign-up fields

Since our latest update, you are also allowed to manage the default onboarding fields on your end. This functionality can be also found in the Settings> Onboarding section:

You can toggle on/off the onboarding fields depending on what information you require from your affiliates upon signing up. Make sure to save those and you're good to go 🔥



Can I use this to collect Social Security Numbers (SSN)?

No - you should never use this feature to collect sensitive information.

What information does Tapfiliate already gather when an affiliate signs up?

Tapfiliate by default will ask for:

  • First & Last name

  • Email

  • Address

  • City

  • Postal code

  • State

  • Country

  • Company & Company description (optional)

  • Website (optional)

In the next step of the signup process, we will also collect the affiliate's payout method.

Is custom field input available through the REST API?

No - the responses from your affiliates are not available through the REST API. However, you can export the responses to your additional onboarding questions when you export your affiliates.

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