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Migrating to Tapfiliate from a different platform
Migrating to Tapfiliate from a different platform

Looking to jump-start your existing program with Tapfiliate? We've prepared a nifty guide on how you can prepare for the big move!

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Whether because you are ready to expand your tracking capabilities, or are looking for a specific feature to boost your affiliate, influencer, and referral marketing offers, Tapfiliate makes it easy for you to switch.

In this guide, we will explain how to perform a successful migration.

  • Set a target date for launching your Tapfiliate-powered program πŸ“†

    Migrations might take time, but you can plan, set goals, and set your team on a structured path towards transition success. Tapfiliate offers a 14-day free trial during which you and your team can tackle essential migration tasks. This means you and your team have plenty of time to arrange the essentials and prepare your migration before your program's launch.


  • Pay out your affiliate's balances πŸ’Έ

    Settle any payments due in your old platform. That way you can start in Tapfiliate with a clean slate.


  • Export the data and reports from your previous platform πŸ“€

    While Tapfiliate allows you to import affiliates (more on that in the next point), the import of the historical conversions, customer, or payment data is not possible. We highly recommend exporting any necessary historical data from your previous system (on sales, customers, past payments, etc.) for record-keeping purposes before closing your account.

  • Setting up & testing your Tapfiliate integration βš™οΈ

    To be able to track your affiliate-driven clicks and conversions, you'll have to install Tapfiliate's tracking scripts into your website. We have a number of off-the-shelf integrations that explain how to install Tapfiliate on a number of supported platforms.

    After you have installed Tapfiliate, remember to test your integration. That way you can make sure your tracking scripts are solid and communicate the right information.

  • Configuring and customizing your Tapfiliate account & program 🎨

    Once your scripts are set, you can customize and set up different parts of your program, such as customizing your program's Signup page, setting up your custom domain, and more.


  • Importing your affiliates & launching your program πŸš€

    Once you've got everything ready to go, you can message your affiliates and indicate how they can log in. This can be done by importing your affiliates.

    You'll need a list of your existing affiliates in .CSV format. This file would contain their essential information: first name, last name, & email. Importing your affiliates is easy - just pop your file into our Import box, and map the column names so they align with your file's fields, and you're done!

    ​Added affiliates are automatically approved. You can choose to send affiliates their new referral links and temporary passwords their way during the import process, or receive a file containing affiliate login information, which you can use to create invitation messages on your end.

Some extras:

While the above are the essentials, perhaps you may be looking to place marketing assets at your affiliates' fingertips, or create a more well-rounded experience for your affiliates.

  • Create your marketing assets ✨

    You want your affiliates to have their creatives ready to go, so that they can swap any old banners, text links, and other promotional materials with fresh new assets. This guide explains everything you need to know about your Marketing Assets, and how you can upload them.

  • Create trigger notifications πŸ“¬

    Tapfiliate has a trigger notifications feature, which you can use to set up messages that fire when specific events take place. This way, you can create beautifully branded messages that alert your affiliates whenever a conversion takes place, or if their balance has been settled!

  • Set up Affiliate Recruitment πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

    With Tapfiliate, you can send referral links to all your customers without them having to sign up for your program. You can read more on this feature here.

Remember: Communication is key

Keeping affiliates in the loop about your migration plans is essential to a smooth transition. Also, informing them of the changes to their everyday interactions with your program and how to complete processes in their new dashboards helps prevent headaches for your program manager down the line.

We recommend preparing informative and educational email campaigns regarding your program's migration before your migration.

That way you can set your affiliates up for success. For this, you could use software like Mailchimp (which we have an integration for), which allows you to create beautiful and branded campaigns.

Here are some ideas of the kind of topics you can include in your migration campaign.

  • Inform them when old links will stop working and when their current affiliate accounts will close

  • Let them know when new links become available and where they will be able to fetch them

  • Invite your affiliates to export the data from their existing dashboards for record-keeping before their accounts close

  • Explain what will happen when the migration is made

  • How and where to reset affiliate passwords (in case the affiliate forgot their password or email)

  • Remind them of the point of contact in your organization for any questions relating to the program or the migration

  • Remind them that they need to indicate their payment method inside their new affiliate account.

  • Instruct them on how they can change their referral codes once inside the platform


I would like to offer my affiliates a grace period during the transition - is that possible?

Some Advertisers might prefer to run both their legacy program and their Tapfiliate program simultaneously for a short time during their migration process, in order to give their affiliates the opportunity and time to switch their links and not miss any conversions in the meantime. This is certainly possible!

However, be transparent with your affiliates driving conversions via the old platform, and let them know that their old link will stop tracking conversions once the legacy software is taken offline. Make it an opportunity to inform them about the date the old program will close, and let them know about the steps towards accessing their new, Tapfiliate-generated link.

If I add your tracking scripts to my website will my legacy program/software stop working?

Nope! Your old program will only stop working/tracking when you remove their tracking scripts from your website.

How long will it take to get all of my affiliates to move over?

Importing your affiliates is a very quick process! The moment they are imported, their referral links are generated. We advise creating an informative campaign about your migration so that they can get used to the new platform as soon as possible.

Can I import my affiliates' coupons?

Yes! If your affiliates have coupon codes and you'd like to import those, you may do so when you import your affiliates. Include the coupon in the .CSV file, and align the Coupon header with the column containing your affiliate's coupon codes.

Make sure coupon tracking is enabled in your integration. You can check out the Coupon Tracking technical doc for more information.

Can my affiliates keep their original referral links?

Original referral links cannot be kept. When your affiliates are imported into Tapfiliate, new links will be generated for them with a pre-made referral code consisting of 7 random symbols. They can easily change their referral codes if they prefer something different. This nifty guide explains how affiliates can customize their links.

I have a complex integration case - where can I get advice on how to integrate with Tapfiliate?

If you need advice on how to set up your Tapfiliate integration, you may contact our Customer Support team. You go to our Support page and find the chatbox on the right side, bottom corner of the screen.

Let us know about your use case and commission structure (the more detailed, the better!), and we'll let you know how Tapfiliate can work for you.

Does Tapfiliate offer a migration service?

Tapfiliate offers a separate, one-time migration service for high-volume programs on Tapfiliate's Enterprise plan. This service is invoiced separately, and the price will largely depend on the complexity of the migration being performed. Please contact our Customer Support team for more information.

I need to know if Tapfiliate fulfills my requirements - where can I ask questions?

Tapfiliate's customer support team is happy to assist with any other questions you may have about the migration process, your integration, or features Tapfiliate has. Don't hesitate to drop us a line in the chatbox if anything pops up!

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