Note: If you're using Wix or have a REST API/Hybrid Integration, the instructions below don't apply to you. To test your integration, you can create a test affiliate and complete a purchase on your site using their referral link. If a conversion shows up here, you're good to go!

Test your integration

Before you start spreading the word about your affiliate program, you must make sure you have a solid integration. After completing your integration process, test your integration. 

We've created a special link which you can use to check your integration:

  • Please follow this link. You should see a pop-up box at the bottom of your website. This is the Tapfiliate Integration Tester.
  • If you don't see this box, then the Tapfiliate tracking code is either incorrectly installed on your website or the Tapfiliate tracking parameter is lost in a redirect.
  • If you do see the box, proceed to make a conversion/purchase. The second box in the tester will check if a conversion can be tracked. 
  • Do you have multiple programs on multiple domains? You can open any of those domains in your browser and append ?tap_test=true  at the end of the url to open the integration tester. 

Pro tip: Remember that this is a test to check if your codes are communicating with our platform. No actual test clicks or conversions will be registered in your Tapfiliate account. Instead, a signal is sent to indicate your integration has been verified. 

Note: if you are using the old Tapfiliate tracking code (i.e.: if the code you use has in it) the Tapfiliate debug window will not work, and therefore, we recommend for you to upgrade your tracking code).

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