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Testing your Tapfiliate installation to check if clicks, customers and conversions are being tracked

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Note: If you're using Wix Stores or have a REST API/Hybrid Integration, the instructions below don't apply to you. To test your integration, you can create a test affiliate and complete a purchase on your site using their referral link. If a conversion shows up here, you're good to go!

Testing your integration

Before you start spreading the word about your affiliate program, it's very important that you have a solid integration.

This means checking that your scripts/integration can do these two things:

  • Track clicks and sort cookies in a user's browser.

  • Track conversions and send that conversion data back to Tapfiliate.

After completing your integration process, you must test your integration. Not only does this verify your integration, but it will let you know what data is being passed along to Tapfiliate each time a purchase takes place.

Below, we'll go over the steps towards testing your integration.


Step 1: Open the tester

We've created a special link that you can use to check your integration:

  • Another way to launch the tester would be to go to your landing page and then append tap_test=true at the end of the URL and press Enter. You should see a pop-up box at the bottom of your website. This is the Tapfiliate Integration Tester.

  • If you don't see this box at the bottom of your screen, then the Tapfiliate tracking code is either incorrectly installed on your website, or the Tapfiliate tracking parameter is lost in a redirect.

  • If you do see the box, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Make a purchase

  • If you see the tester open, make a purchase or conversion (or track a customer) while the tester is open.

  • You don't have to make an actual purchase to see if tracking is working - you can use a 100% discount coupon.

  • The second box in the tester will check if a conversion can be tracked, and you'll be able to see what information would be fetched in the case that a real conversion took place.

Pro tip: Remember that this is a test to check if your codes are communicating with our platform. No actual test clicks or conversions will be registered in your Tapfiliate account. Instead, a signal is sent to indicate your integration has been verified.


Testing on multiple domains

Do you have multiple programs and have installed Tapfiliate scripts on multiple domains? You can open any of those domains in your browser by simply appending ?tap_test=true  at the end of the URL. If our click tracking code is present, you'll be able to open the tester.

Note: if you are using the old Tapfiliate tracking code (i.e.: if the code you use has static.tapfiliate.com in it) the Tapfiliate debug window will not work. We always recommend that you upgrade your tracking code to the latest tracking script .

Here's a quick video that shows this process!

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