If your website is built using different components and you are not sure which integration you should follow, this is the article for you!

First, you need to know the following:

  • Your website is either custom-built (developers coded the website themselves) or created using a platform (like WordPress, Squarespace, etc).
  • You might also have integrated a shopping cart (like Shopify).
  • Finally, you might be using a payment gateway (like PayPal or Stripe).

This leads to the question: What is the flow users follow on my website, and where exactly is the conversion happening? 

  • The conversion might be happening on your main website, or users might be redirected on checkout to the shopping cart, or to the payment gateway.
  • Most of the times, this is indicated by the location of the thank you/success page - the last one users land on during check out.
  • Example: if your users get redirected from your main, custom coded site to a Shopify checkout, you would need to use our Shopify integration guide.

Click here to find our off-the-shelf integration guides. If your platform is not covered, you might need our JavaScript reference.

Note: If you think you chose the right integration but you don't see any clicks or conversions being tracked, please check this article to check possible causes.

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