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Customizing the sign up page

Options for modifying your program's sign-up portal

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The first thing you'll do when you set up an account in Tapfiliate is prepare your first Sign up page.

These are the following changes you can make to your sign-up page: 

  • Select your template (Wavy, Block, or Classic)

  • Add a logo and attach a hyperlink redirecting to your website page

  • Edit the form header

  • Select the language

  • Add a title and welcome message

  • Change main and accent colors

  • Choose to disclose the commission structure

  • Add the Terms of Service of your program 

Want to change it later?

You can tweak your sign-up page by going to your Settings > select your specific Program > Program Sign Up Page.

Multiple programs?

Aside from your dedicated affiliate portal, you have dedicated sign-up pages per program. These can be individually modified to match your brand or tweaked to match your campaign.

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