Importing your existing affiliates into Tapfiliate is easy - all you need is a .CSV file containing your affiliate's details. 

This file should contain at least the following columns: 

  • Affiliate's first name

  • Affiliate's last name

  • Affiliate's email

It's also possible to import additional fields such as passwords, coupons, address or company details.

The import process

1. In your Affiliates Overview page, click on "+ New Affiliate".

2. Choose the .CSV import option. 

3. Upload your .CSV file containing your affiliate data.  

4. The next page shows how your document is set up. Check the "First row contains column headers" box, if that applies, and adjust the column types.

5. Indicate the program you want to add these affiliates to. If you want to send your new affiliates a welcome email containing their temporary password, toggle on the box. 

6. Confirm your upload. Your affiliates will appear within approximately 5 min.  

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