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How to migrate your affiliates into Tapfiliate using our import tool

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Importing your existing affiliates into Tapfiliate is easy - all you need is a .CSV file containing your affiliate's details. 

This file should contain at least the following columns: 

  • Affiliate's first name

  • Affiliate's last name

  • Affiliate's email

It's also possible to import additional fields such as coupons, addresses, or company details.

The import process

1. In your Affiliates Overview page, click on "+ New Affiliate".

2. A pop-up window will open, presenting you with two options. Choose the .CSV import option on the right-hand side of the window.  

3. Upload your .CSV file containing your affiliate data, or drag it into the field.  

4. In the next page, you will map column headers onto your CSV file, so that they align. To do this, you'll use the drop-down options at the top of each column. For example, if the column contains the first name, you will choose "First name" from the drop down menu.

If the first row of your CSV file contains headers, make sure to check the "First row contains column headers" box, so they are not imported.

5. Next, you will indicate the program you want to add these affiliates to.

Important: If you want to immediately send your newly added affiliates a welcome email containing their temporary password, toggle on the box. If you do not toggle on this option, we will email you a CSV file containing the details of the affiliates created, alongside their temporary passwords. You can use this file to create a custom invitation message on your end.

6. Confirm your upload. Your affiliates will appear in your Affiliates Page within approximately 5 min.  


I would like to add affiliates, but not notify them yet. Is this possible?

It's possible to add your affiliates without sending them a message. You determine whether or not to launch a message in step 5 for the process detailed above.

If you choose not to launch a message via Tapfiliate, we will send you a CSV document containing your affiliates' login information. You can then use this file to create a message on your end, and launch it once you're ready to have your affiliates access their accounts.

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