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Your Affiliates Overview
Your Affiliates Overview

Acquaint yourself with your Affiliates Page - learn about how to manage your program's membership, key functionalities & associated features

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In this article we will show you:

We've also included a short FAQ section at the bottom of this article.


The Affiliates page πŸ‘₯

As the name already suggests, this page is your affiliate control panel.

This is where you'll find all key information about your affiliates, affiliate prospects, as well as affiliate program applicants.

In this article, we will focus solely on the Affiliates tab and its core components.

  • The Affiliate list

  • The Affiliate details side-panel

Your Affiliates list

The core feature of this page is the table where you see your affiliates listed.

On the upper left, you can switch to look at Pending affiliates (those who have applied to your program), as well as Archived affiliates (those who've been disapproved).


We've created a neat search function, as well as a slew of filters to help locate specific affiliates or a subset of affiliates.

Some key filters that can assist in locating your affiliates are:

  • Referral code - The value that follows ?ref= in a generic referral link.

  • Coupon - Search by assigned coupon

  • Affiliate's source id - The value that follows &tap_s= in an anonymized link or an asset link.

Column selector

On the upper-right of the table, you will find a column selector where you can adjust the information that's displayed.

Affiliate details side-panel

When you click on an affiliate, this opens a details panel where the affiliate's details are located:

Here you can expect key information about the affiliate that's collected during onboarding:

  • Their email

  • Their address

  • If submitted, their company information

  • Website or domain

  • Whether or not they're in an affiliate group

  • Responses to custom fields questions (Pro & Enterprise)

You'll also find information regarding their affiliate program membership, such as:

  • When they were added

  • Their referral

  • Coupon (if any)

  • Status

  • How much they are currently owed

If they are part of an MLM program, an additional section will become available. It will display:

  • The Parent of the affiliate

  • The affiliate's MLM recruitment link


Create or import your new affiliates

There are two ways you can add affiliates to your program:

  • Via form - Type in your affiliate's information manually.

  • Via .CSV import - Upload a .CSV file to add many affiliates, all at once.

Both options can be accessed by clicking on the "New Affiliate" button at the right top of the table:

At the very least, you'll need the following affiliate information to add someone as an affiliate:

  • Affiliate's first name

  • Affiliate's last name

  • Affiliate's email

It's also possible to automate the creation of affiliates via the REST API & via Zapier.


Manage your affiliate's program membership (approval & disapproval)

When a user signs up to join your affiliate program, they will land in the Pending folder of your Affiliates Overview page.

If there are users here, you should take action.

You can either:

  • Approve - this means that they gain access to all of the assets within the program they're applying for.

  • Disapprove - This means that you reject them and that they will be unable to participate.

Below we'll explain how you can take action and determine whether or not your applicants can participate.

Approving or disapproving a single affiliate

Approving a single affiliate is easy - you can simply click on the affiliate, and open their details panel. In the Programs section, you will see the program they applied for, as well as the status.

You can change the status by clicking on "Pending". This will open a drop down menu, where you can choose to Approve or Disapprove the affiliate.


How to use batch management features

When checking the box next to an affiliate, the options to approve, disapprove, set an affiliate group and export appear at the top of the page.

If you have multiple affiliate programs, you'll see additional actions:

  • The option to add an affiliate to another program.

  • Approve all and Disapprove all buttons. Using these will impact participation in all programs an affiliate is a part of.

Approving or disapproving in bulk (multiple affiliates at once)

In the case that you'd like to approve multiple affiliates at once, you may do so by selecting various affiliates (check the boxes next to their names) or selecting all:

Two buttons, with the option to "Approve" or "Disapprove", will appear near the top of the table. You can use these to approve or disapprove the selection of affiliates.

If you have more than 100 pending affiliates, then you'd need to click on the "Select All xyz" that appears in the grey box at the top of the table.

Note: If an affiliate is part of multiple programs, and you would like to edit participation per specific program, click on the affiliate & use the side panel to approve or disapprove participation.


Re-send your affiliates their password reset email

If you have an affiliate who needs help logging into their accounts, it's possible to launch a message containing a temporary password, which an affiliate can use to gain access to the platform.

This can be done by clicking on the affiliate. In the side-panel, click on the three dots at the top. The option to reset the password is located here:


Learn more about Affiliate Groups, Affiliate Recruitment & MLM

The Affiliates Overview also ties in with some of Tapfiliate's features.

You can read more about them in the articles linked below:


How to create affiliates through the REST API & Zapier πŸ’»

It's certainly possible to automate the creation of your affiliates. Here you will find the details on which endpoints or actions to use.


Adding affiliates through the API is a 2-step process:

  1. Create the affiliate: At this point the affiliate id will be created.

  2. Add the affiliate to a program: At this point, the affiliate's unique referral link will be generated (these are unique per affiliate, per program). It can be picked up from the response.


To create new affiliates using Zapier, the following actions must take place:

  • First, set an action in "x" platform/app

  • Find/Create Affiliate (make sure to check the box!)

  • Add Affiliate to program

Please note that without the final step, the affiliate will be archived.



How can I permanently delete affiliates?

It's certainly possible to delete an affiliate, but before doing so, take time to understand the impact of what a deletion entails.

Here are some general notes relating to deletion:

  • Affiliate deletion is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

  • Deletion will permanently erase the affiliate from your account - while their conversions will remain in your platform, but they will appear as attributed to a deleted user.

1. To delete your affiliate, you may click on the three dots that appear at the top of the side panel.

2. Deleting multiple affiliate as once is also possiible, following this way:

3. If you need to delete multiple affiliates, you may do so through the REST API as well.

Can I automate the approval of my affiliates?

It's possible to automate the approval of affiliates.

To auto-approve affiliates, go to your Settings > Your Program > General and toggle the 'auto approve affiliates' option on.

If you would like to set up more customized auto-approvals with specific filters or requirements to be fulfilled on your end, this is possible with triggers, by using a webhook action and our REST API.

A developer can reference our advanced Trigger Webhook guide for more information.

What is the difference between approving an affiliate and adding them to a program?

When checking on the box next to an affiliate's name on the Affiliate Overview, two options may appear near the top of the page: Approve (for all programs) and Add to Program.

Though they may seem similar, they actually do two very different things:

  • You can approve an affiliate to a program if they've previously requested to join. This is the button you'd click if you'd like to move an affiliate away from your Pending Program Approval tab and into your Active Affiliates tab.

  • You can add an affiliate to a program if they weren't a part of it beforehand. When adding an affiliate to a program, they will be automatically approved for that program, and the Assets specific to that program (referral link and marketing assets) will be made available to them.

Can I disapprove an affiliate after they've been approved?

Of course, you can disapprove an affiliate as follows:

  • Check the box next to the affiliate you'd like to disapprove. The option to disapprove (all) will appear near the top.

  • If your affiliate is a part of multiple programs and you'd only like to disapprove them from one, click on the affiliate and open the details panel. Here you can see the programs the affiliate is a part of as well as their status within those programs. To change an affiliate's status, click on "Approved." This opens a drop down menu that includes the option to disapprove the affiliate.

Can I re-approve an affiliate?

You can re-approve an affiliate as follows:

1. In your Affiliates Overview, click on the filter Active affiliates, and set it to Archived affiliates.

On this page, you will see a list of affiliates who have been disapproved from your program(s).

2. To re-approve your affiliate, check the box next to their name. At the top of the page, you'll find the option to "Approve for all programs".

If the affiliate is part of multiple programs and you'd like to re-approve for a specific program, then you could go to their details panel and click on the program status.

A drop down menu will open and you can change their status within the chosen program.


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