Note: Tapfiliate has different attribution flows. You can find out which flow is best suited for your business in this article.

If you want to award recurring commissions (SaaS /subscription), lifetime commissions (E-Commerce) or have a long sales funnel (Lead-Gen) we recommend using our Customers flow.

In general, this means: create a Customer first, attach one or more Conversions later when the customer actually starts making purchases (subscription fees, webshop purchases etc..) or when a deal is won.


If you've integrated Tapfiliate correctly in to your website, your affiliates can start referring new Customers. 

When they do, these customers will show up on the Customers page.

If these Customers eventually start making purchases, or convert to paying subscribers, Conversions will show up on the Conversions page. A Conversion will also contain a Commission for the original referring affiliate of the Customer.

Customer status

Depending on your type of business, we have three distinct status flows, for customers:

  • Trial → Paying → (Capped) → Canceled (recommended for subscription/SaaS)
  • Lead → Won → (Capped) → Lost (Aimed at lead generation) 
  • New → Active → (Capped) → Stopped (For eCommerce or generic use)

Trial/Lead/New is the initial status for a Customer. This means that no Conversions have yet been created for a customer.

Paying/Won/Active means that at least one Conversion has been created for the Customer. If you have enabled Recurring / Lifetime commissions on your program, the Customer can also accrue future Conversions/Commissions (depending on your integration method).

Capped If you have enabled Recurring / Lifetime commissions on your program, and have configured a cap, than this status indicates that the Customer has reached that cap, i.e. the maximum number of allowed conversions. Future Conversions for this Customer will automatically be denied.

This feature is commonly used by SaaS businesses, limiting the maximum number of recurring commission to 6 or 12 for example.

Canceled/Lost/Stopped If you mark a customer as Canceled/Lost/Stopped, the Customer cannot accrue any future Conversions/Commissions.


Customers allow you to: 

  • See if an account is actively earning an affiliate commission
  • Evaluate if a lead, trial user, or new customer became a paying user/customer
  • Quickly check if the affiliate is eligible for additional commissions in the future
  • Verify what conversions/external ids are tied to a specific customer
  • Add caps on commission

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