Recurring commissions

Reward your affiliates with recurring commission for SaaS/subscription services

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Setting up recurring commission allows you to reward your affiliate with a commission for as long as the driven customer is still subscribed/a paying customer. 

It's a great incentive for your affiliates and extremely useful for SaaS businesses that are looking to keep track of which Customer is tied to an affiliate. Learn more about our Customers feature here.

How to add recurring commissions

There are two ways to add recurring commissions to your program. 

  1. Smart Connected (recommended): through the API, Zapier or if supported by your chosen integration

  • API: You can create a customer through our API. This customer will then be linked to one of your affiliates. Whenever the customer makes a future purchase, a commission will be attributed to the affiliate. See this article on how to set up recurring commissions through the API. Please keep in mind that you might need the help of developer. 

  • Zapier: It depends on your integration, but we have made some pre-made Zaps to set up recurring commissions. See this article on how to set up recurring commission through Zapier.

  • Integration: Some of our integrations support recurring commissions right after you have successfully integrated with Tapfiliate. You can check if your integration supports recurring commissions here, by going to your integration. 

2. Time-based

  • Manual: Set up recurring commissions in your platform - these will log a conversion automatically, regardless of whether a payment took place or not.

Pro Tip: If you'd like to limit the amount of conversions an affiliate is entitled to for any given customer, you can set up caps.
Note: Are you an e-commerce business? Then this article regarding lifetime commissions could interest you.

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