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Capping the number of lifetime/recurring commissions

How to limit the number of commissions an affiliate can earn from a specific customer's purchases

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When you create a new program and enable recurring or lifetime commissions, you'll be asked if you'd like to place a cap. 

What is a cap? 

A cap is  the number of conversions that can be attributed to an affiliate for an individual customer's purchases/payments. 

When you insert a value into these fields, it will limit the amount of times an affiliate may earn a commission from a specific customer they drove to your website. 

This means that even if the referred user/customer remains a customer, our system will stop attributing further conversions tied to that specific customer because the limit has been reached.

What type of caps may I set? 

There are two types of caps you may set: 

  • Recurring frequency cap - This will limit the amount of conversions that will be attributed to an affiliate for a customer. 

  • Recurring time cap - This will limit the amount of days during which an affiliate is eligible for commission on a customer's purchases. 

How does it work? 

Below you'll find an example of how capping works: 

  • You have created an affiliate program for a subscription service. You've indicated in your commission structure settings that there's a cap of 3 conversions per referred customer.

  • Linda arrives on your website with John's referral link and signs up - she becomes a customer. 

  • Linda makes three successful payments. Your affiliate John earns recurring commission on all three.  

  • After the third commission is granted to John, the customer is "capped". 

  • When Linda's 4th payment comes through, commission will not be issued to John.

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