Lifetime commissions are a great incentive for your affiliates to promote e-commerce business. Lifetime commissions allow your affiliates to benefit from all subsequent conversions from a client they initially referred to your website.

When setting up Lifetime Commissions, there is no need for cookie tracking. This means that whenever a customers deletes cookies from the browser, Tapfiliate will still know to which affiliate attribute the commission to. 

A typical affiliate program rewards affiliates for the individual conversions they have driven. The 'last cookie counts' rule will be followed, and a different affiliate can be credited for the same customer.

When lifetime attribution has been set up, the following scenario takes place:

  • Your affiliate (A) drives a customer named Ellen to your website using assets you have shared. 
  • Ellen makes a conversion when she visits the site via affiliate A's referral link. 
  • Ellen then returns to make another conversion a few days later, but this time via affiliates B's link. Affiliate A is again credited for the conversion - not affiliate B. 
  • Ellen again returns to your website a couple of months later, this time on a different device. Affiliate A is credited for the sale again.

If you're a SaaS company and looking for a way to set up (weekly/monthly/yearly) recurring commissions then see this article

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