Yes! This is one of the most popular use cases on our platform. We have three ways of setting up recurring commissions (depending on your use case):

In all cases you must first go to Programs > Select a program > Settings > 'Commission structure' > Select the commission you want to make recurrent > Change 'Recurrence' from 'none' to weekly, monthly or yearly > Select the 'Recurrence mode' according to the following scenarios:

  • Set your recurrence mode to 'Let Tapfiliate add recurring commissions automatically'. In this case, you’ll have to manually administer the created ‘recurrers’. Eg. You’ll need to hit stop on created recurrers when the user cancels in order to prevent subsequent commissions for that user. 
  • Set the mode to 'I will add recurring commissions through the API or Zapier'. Using Zapier can be useful for some specific integrations (ie. with MoonClerk). Be aware that you might need a paid account in Zapier.

The best result is achieved by using our API to automate the recurring commissions (you need to select the same recurrence method as above). This is how most of our customers do it, especially SaaS businesses. This option requires the help of a developer who can follow this guide to set it up.

Note: Are you an e-commerce business? Then this article regarding lifetime commissions could interest you.

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