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What is Tapfiliate?
Tapfiliate: How can it work for me?
Tapfiliate: How can it work for me?

An overview of Tapfiliate's multiple features and how you can start tapping into growth.

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What is Tapfiliate? 

Tapfiliate is affiliate marketing software dedicated to helping online businesses host their own affiliate programs, enabling Advertisers to issue referral links and coupons that can track affiliate-driven conversions on their eComm or SaaS websites. 

How does Tapfiliate work?

This is a summary of how Tapfiliate's affiliate marketing software operates: 

  • You perform your integration and place codes on your website. These will track your clicks and conversions.

  • Affiliates sign in through Tapfiliate and get a special referral link to promote your business.

  • When users follow those special affiliate links, the code placed on your website triggers, and sends data to Tapfiliate on clicks and conversions.

  • Each conversion originates a commission for the affiliate that drove that customer or user to your website.

  • Tapfiliate offers you an admin dashboard where you can see all the data and manage your program(s).

  • Affiliates have their own exclusive dashboard to share the links and other marketing assets you share with them, and to check their own performance.

Getting started with Tapfiliate

Start with your integration

If you're looking to simply track affiliate-driven conversions and award commission for those purchases, we've got you covered. 

All of our supported integrations allow you to easily track clicks & conversions. And it only takes a few steps to get started! 

If you can't find your integration on our supported integrations list, you may still be able to integrate Tapfiliate using one of the following integration guides: 

Consider your strategy

The next steps towards figuring out how Tapfiliate can work for you is to look at your overall affiliate marketing strategy. 

Consider the following: 

  • What will you count as a conversion?  

  • When will you pay a commission? 

  • Is the commission rate the same across the board, or are you looking to reward different rates per product or action taken by a user?

  • Do you need to gather more information with the conversion?  

  • How are you recruiting your affiliates?   

We offer several functions and features to fit your marketing strategy. Found out more about these below! 

Creating your commission Structure

Gain Deeper Insights 

Create deeper integrations

Work smarter, not harder. Tapfiliate boasts a robust API that can be used to create all sorts of automated processes. We've collected a number of examples here.

Also, Tapfiliate can be used alongside Zapier and Integromat to connect to a whole range of other services and automate your business processes.

14 day free trial

  • Tapfiliate offers a free 14-day trial period. This way, you can install Tapfiliate in your website, create your affiliate program, and see if it checks all the boxes.

  • We have 30+ easy-to-follow integration guides and a guided Quickstart process. Your program can go online in no time.

Migration guide

Looking to migrate to Tapfiliate from a different service? We've prepared an extensive migration guide that explains all the critical steps and best practices towards a sucessful migration from your current platform to Tapfiliate. That way, you can get your program off the ground as soon as possible!

If you have any questions about how Tapfiliate would work within your set up, contact our support team!

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