After verifying your integration is correctly set up, we advise you to move forward with fine tuning and customization:

  • Add marketing assets to your program. This will allow your affiliates to have more reasons to spread the love for your brand.
  • Customize your program's sign up page. You can select the language, add your logo for the specific program, change the template and colors, add a specific welcome message, or add your Terms and Conditions. Go to Programs > Select a program > Settings tab > Sign up page.
  • Add your branding. You can add your logo to the affiliate dashboard and your favicon to the page, as well as setting up your preferred email to show as sender for automated emails sent from the platform (eg. approval for affiliates). You can do that here
  • Customize messages on the affiliate dashboard. You can add specific messages for pending and approved affiliates here.
  • For Pro users: Customize your domain. Pro users can add their custom domain here.
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