Note: Custom fields are a Pro Plan feature. For information on how to upgrade, read this article.

Adding extra fields to the affiliate registration form is an easy way to gather additional affiliate information. 

Adding custom fields

If you'd like to add additional fields, go to your Settings and then to Onboarding. Here you will find the module in which you can create and add additional sign up questions. Here you can ask about social media handles, their promotional strategies, account information, and other useful bits of information. 

Be aware that the fields will be added to the second step of the affiliate sign-up form. This can be seen after the affiliate hits 'Sign Up Now' button, or when they're accesing the platform for the first time after being invited. 

Validating fields
You have the option to use our custom fields feature to validate information as Regex. Bear in mind that this is an advanced functionality, and that setting up validation falls outside the scope of our support.

Please note: This section should never be used to collect sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers (SSN). 

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