If you have already followed an integration guide, the first thing you should do before you start spreading the word is make sure you test a conversion. 

Lucky for you, we have created a special link for you to check your integration:

  • Please follow this link (it will automatically grab your default program). You should see a pop-up box at the bottom of your website, the Tapfiliate Integration Tester.
  • If you don't see this box, then the Tapfiliate tracking code is either incorrectly installed on your website or the Tapfiliate tracking parameter is lost in a redirect.
  • If you are a Pro or Enterprise subscriber and have more domains to test, you can open any of those domains in your browser and append the following at the end: ?tap_test=true

Remember that this is a test. The Integration tester will shield your code, so no test clicks or conversions will be registered on your Tapfiliate platform.

If you're using Memberful:
To test your integration, you will need to create a test affiliate and do a conversion. If this registers in your platform, you're good to go!  

Note: if you are using the old Tapfiliate tracking code (i.e.: if the code you use has static.tapfiliate.com in it) the Tapfiliate debug window will not work, and therefore, we recommend for you to upgrade your tracking code).

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