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Create an email series in MailChimp

Engage your affiliates and affiliate prospects by creating thoughtful email campaigns in MailChimp

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One of the most important aspects of any affiliate program is being able to build a relationship with your affiliates and affiliate prospects. 

To help you streamline communication with your affiliates, we have made it easy to connect Tapfiliate to Mailchimp

Why MailChimp? 

MailChimp provides powerful automation features that allow you to create beautiful, personalized & well-timed email campaigns. With this integration, you can stay in touch with your affiliates and affiliate prospects, keep them motivated, and guide them through the affiliate marketing experience without missing a beat!

Keep your affiliates in the loop. Let them know when: 

  • Fresh assets have been added to their dashboards

  • New products are available and ready to be promoted

  • You're having a sale

  • Or just because - tell your company's story or milestones!

Use MailChimp to create an email series & keep your affiliates continuously engaged, from the moment they sign up to your affiliate program or become an affiliate prospect. You can include their unique referral links and/or unique coupon. 

Need ideas? 

For great tips on how to enhance your communication, you can read the following blog post:  Communicating with Affiliates: A Step-by-Step Guide


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