We'd like to preface this article by stating that the best way to understand Tapfiliate from the affiliate's perspective is to create a test affiliate and access the affiliate dashboard yourself. You can also use the referral link of this account to test your integration. 

Below are the most important things you need to know about the affiliate/publisher side of Tapfiliate:

  • When an affiliate signs on (and if you have the automatic notifications of your program enabled), they will receive a welcome email with their referral link and instructions to log in. Note: You can find the notification settings in Programs > Select a program > Settings > Notifications.
  • You can also disable these notifications and add custom email notifications in the Triggers section of your platform. You can read more about customizing trigger emails here.
  • If you add affiliates manually or through the API, they will also receive a temporary password.
  • Affiliates will need to log into their dashboard to indicate their payout method from the options you offer. 

Note: If your affiliates do not define a payout method, their payouts will not be included when you generate a payment file. Additionally, they will receive an automatic notification every time you generate a payment file, asking them to log in and define their payout method.

Remember that you can also add a welcome message to their dashboard here.

Affiliate Dashboard

Standard menu items on the affiliate dashboard:

  • Dashboard: Home page.
  • Reporting: This is very similar to the merchant reporting area, with several options and filters to display the affiliate performance data.
  • Assets: On this tab, affiliates can see the assets you've added, all of which are ready to be shared. Affiliates can also modify their referral link. Note: The Assets icon will appear greyed out until you approve the affiliate.
  • Conversions: The list of all the conversions they have driven.
  • Sources: Affiliates have the option to add which websites they'd like to create Assets for, so that they can easily discern where the clicks or conversions come from. This article explains how they can add sources.
  • Payouts: Affiliates can follow up on the payouts of their commissions here.
  • Profile icon: By clicking here, affiliates can change their profile information, change the language for their dashboard, change their password, and log out.

Optional menu icons:

  • Programs: If an affiliate is taking part in more than one of your programs, they will have this option instead of Assets, so they can enter the specific asset wall by selecting the program first.
  • MLM: If you have Multi-Level Marketing activated, your affiliates will also have an option to grab the link to invite new sub-affiliates, as well as the option to view their downline.
  • Bonus: If you are a Pro subscriber, you may have set up bonuses. If so, this area will show affiliates the specific bonuses they are earning.

Special cases: Affiliates taking part in several programs from the same merchant

  • In these cases, the Assets wall and MLM options will be grouped per program.

Please contact our support chat if you have any other questions.

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