There are several ways to add affiliates to your program:

Inviting affiliates via the shareable link
This link points to your programs' sign up page. You can find it by clicking on 'Programs'  > Select the specific program > Click on the 'General' tab.

Manually adding affiliates to your program
To add affiliates click on "Affiliates"  >  "New Affiliate." 

This opens a window that gives you two options: 

  • Add via form 
  • Add via .CSV import

Importing affiliates
You can import pre-existing affiliates into Tapfiliate. Just submit a CSV file with the following columns: affiliate first name, affiliate last name, affiliate email, and (optionally) affiliate password.

Note: Your developers can also add affiliates through our API, using this endpoint. If you're using Single Sign On (Enterprise plan) your developers can set up using this guide.

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