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My clicks/conversions/customers aren't tracking
My clicks/conversions/customers aren't tracking

Test and troubleshoot your integration and make sure traffic data reaches the Tapfiliate platform

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If clicks aren't tracking and conversion/customer data isn't being sent back to Tapfiliate, this means there may be an issue with your integration. 

If you're experiencing issues tracking affiliate-driven traffic and conversions, we've gathered a list of ways of finding out where the issue may lie: 

  • Have you given your website a facelift or edit something? Be sure these changes haven't affected your detect and conversion codes. 

  • Test your integration to make sure your integration is running smoothly. If there are any issues, the tester will highlight them for you. 

  • If the referral value is being cut off, you may be facing a redirect issue

  • Make sure your account ID in the code matches the one in the platform.   

  • Still not getting any clicks or conversions? Perhaps you need to install a different integration

  • Please note that clicks can take 5 to 10 minutes to register on your platform. Conversions appear immediately. 

  • Still having trouble? Contact support. Our team can help you determine which integration guide to follow and where the problem may lie. 

Note: We can only offer support for listed integrations. Custom integrations fall outside of the scope of our support. 

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