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How to use REST API for automation of your workflows
How to use REST API for automation of your workflows

Work smarter, not harder - Use the REST API to automate tasks, sync your data, and create deeper integrations that enhance your workflow

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As you may already know, Tapfiliate is a very powerful tool, boasting an exceptional REST API that can be used to automate all kinds of processes.

Not only that, but you can also count on a variety of other API tools (like Zapier and Make) that can help streamline the creation of similar automations (provided all services are listed, of course!).

In this article, we will compile a list of useful endpoints you can use to deepen your Tapfiliate integration and boost your productivity, all while keeping your Tapfiliate account data in sync with your backend data.

For automatically handling full refunds or order cancelations

If an order has been canceled or refunded, you can disapprove the commission associated with the conversion.

Handling partial refunds

If you're seeking to adjust the order amount of the conversion (because of partial refund), then you can update the conversion and indicate the new order amount. Commissions will be automatically recalculated.

Managing subscription cancelation

If a customer cancels their subscription with you, you can also cancel the customer in Tapfiliate. This means that this customer can no longer accrue conversions.

If the customer returns, you might want them to accrue conversions again. If their account is re-enabled, you can uncancel the customer.

Fetch affiliate links and display them on your end

If your customers are also your affiliates, you can use the List all affiliates in a program endpoint to fetch their referral link, which you can then place at their fingertips.

This is especially useful in the case that your customers revisit your software's website or platform (a dashboard, for example).

Send affiliate links to your customers

Tapfiliate's Affiliate Recruitment feature can be used to create trackable referral links, which your customers can immediately share with friends, followers, or family.

Use the create affiliate prospect endpoint, and remember to set your actions. That way we can launch the notification containing the link their way.

Tracking coupons

If an integration does not have coupon tracking enabled, you may be able to enable it through the REST API. You can create a conversion and pass the coupon code in your request. You can consult our Coupon tracking guide for more information.

Tracking recurring commissions

If you're already tracking a customer, you can attach their subsequent subscription payments by creating a conversion and including the customer_id in the request.

We will scan your customers to see if the customer exists, and attach it to them. This in turn results in a commission for the affiliate that referred the customer to you. You can consult our Recurring/Lifetime commissions guide for more information.

Need a developer?

In the case that the services you're using do not have integrations in Zapier, Make, or a different API linking service, you would need the help of a developer to create the connections and automation for you.

In Tapfiliate's blog, you will find an extensive guide to finding a developer.

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