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Custom fields

When an affiliate signs up for your affiliate program, we make sure to gather their basic details. But what if you need additional information about your affiliate? Or perhaps you'd like to ask additional questions about how they intend to promote your company?

Adding custom fields to the affiliate registration form is an easy way to gather additional affiliate information.

This can be used to collect affiliate information such as:

  • Social media handles or social media channels

  • The size of their audience/following

  • How they intend to promote your brand or products

  • How they known about your affiliate program

  • Promotional strategies they use

  • The email of their account in your platform/shop

  • Their phone number

  • Their preferred coupon code (bear in mind, you'll assign the coupon for them later)

Please note: This feature should never be used to collect sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers (SSN).

Add your custom fields

We've prepared an in-depth article explaining how you can add your Custom fields questions.

Here's a quick video of the process!

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