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Use your own custom domain

Use a CNAME and use your own, branded domain

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Custom domains

When you sign up for a Tapfiliate account, you get your own, Tapfiliate-hosted affiliate portal where your affiliates can sign up for your program and login to their affiliate accounts.

With domain aliasing enabled, however, you have the option of setting up your own custom domain.

So instead of the standard address that comes with your program, you can set up your affiliate program in your own domain, or change the top-level domain (TLD) to one of your choice, like this:

We also take care of arranging a dedicated SSL certificate to secure this domain for you.


Setting up your custom domain

We've prepared a short, step-by-step guide explaining how you can begin to set up your custom domain.

To set up a custom domain, please follow our dedicated guide:

When set up correctly, we automatically purchase an SSL certificate and install that on our end - this is included with the Pro plan. If your SSL certificate appears not to have been set, then there may be an issue with your CNAME set up.

If you encounter any issues setting up, please take a look at this Troubleshooting section, where we go over some common issues and solutions.

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