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Find out where to find your affiliates' balances & how to begin paying them our for their efforts

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In this article, we will discuss:

We have also included a short FAQ section at the end of this article.


The Payments page

The function of the Payments is simple - it gathers all of your affiliates approved commissions (balance), and provides an easy way to fetch the .CSV file you'll need to carry out your affiliate payouts.

Here you can see all amounts due up-front, check out your past payments files, and more importantly, fetch the .CSV files needed to conduct your payouts with your chosen payout provider.

In the sections below, we'll go over key parts and processes that help you better understand how to use the Payments page and make the most of it.


How to settle your balances & payout your affiliates

Paying out affiliates consists of a two-step process:

  1. Settle your balances in Tapfiliate & fetch your .CSV file

  2. Upload the CSV file to your payment provider to execute the actual payment.

Settling all your affiliate balances in Tapfiliate

When you're ready to payout your affiliates, you will do so by settling their balances.

You can do so by clicking on the "Settle All Balances" button:

This will make a window pop open, in which you can define the minimum payment amount (if you wish to do so).

You can also hover over the affiliate bubbles to see the amounts payable per affiliate, and use the toggle to to include any affiliates who have not set their payout method.

When you're done, click on the blue button inside the window.

This will immediately download the .CSV payment file and move all of the "settled" payments to the Past Payments section.

Looking to pay a single affiliate's balance?

If you'd like to pay out a specific affiliate, you may click on the "Settle balance" button next to the affiliate.

This will open a window where you can indicate the amount to settle for and download the .CSV payment file you'll need in the next step.

The "settled" payment will be moved to the Past Payments section.

Pay out your affiliates

The next step towards completing the payout process is to upload your CSV file to your payment processor.

Keep in mind that payments to affiliates are not automated and do not take place in Tapfiliate. The payment process must be completed within your chosen payment processor, so that your affiliate receives their payment.

To summarize:

  • Tapfiliate creates the .CSV file you'll use to carry out the payments to your affiliates and keeps a record of current and settled amounts.

  • To execute the actual payment, you must upload the .CSV file to your chosen payment provider (i.e. PayPal MassPay or other).

  • Your past Payment files will be placed in the Past Payments section.


Past Payment files

After you have settled your affiliates' balances, these are placed in your Past Payments page.

Here you will find a list of past payments and details.

Here you may retrieve the payment again. If you click on the drop down arrow on the far-right of the payment, you can also see how much each affiliate included in the file was paid, as well as the option to cancel the payment.

If a Payment is canceled, the amount will be returned to the affiliate's outstanding balance.


Automating the Payout process via the REST API ⚙

If you have a developer and would like to automate your payment process, this is possible via the REST API.

Automate your payment process

There are the REST API endpoints you'll need to automate payments:

If you don't have an in-house developer to help set this up, we've prepared a guide to help you locate one.



Can I pay out commissions up to a certain date?

Yes, if you'd like to pay out commissions generated up to a certain date, you may do so by using the "Up to" filter next to the "Settle all balances" button.

When a date is defined, only the commissions that took place on or before the date will appear eligible for payment.

After you have set your cut-off date, you may proceed to Settle your affiliate balance(s) and download your .CSV file.

What's in the .CSV file?

The .CSV file contains information regarding the affiliate's payable amounts and payout details (if they have provided that information beforehand).

How are my affiliates' balances calculated?

Affiliate balances are calculated as follows:

  • All approved commissions minus paid out amounts.

To see how this calculation is reached, you can hover over an affiliate's current balance while on this page.

Can I cancel a payment?

You may cancel a payment on your Past Payments section.

Here you can click on the drop-down arrow of a Payment and see the payments included in a specific file. Here you will also see the option to cancel the payment.

When a payment is canceled, the amount will be immediately forwarded to the affiliate's outstanding balance.

Why is an affiliate's balance negative?

Balances are calculated as follows:

  • All approved commissions minus paid out amounts

This means that if there are changes in commissions that have already been paid out, the change will become reflected in the affiliate's current balance.

To illustrate, we've prepared the example below:

  1. An affiliate creates a conversion with $10 commission. At this point, the affiliate's balance is $0.

  2. When the commission is approved, the affiliate's balance becomes $10.

  3. When the affiliate's balance is settled (paid out), the affiliate's balance goes back to $0.

  4. If a refund happens for the order/conversion, you can disapprove the conversion/commission tied to it.

  5. After disapproval, the affiliate's balance becomes -$10.

Note: An affiliate's balance will be set back only if they've already been paid out the commission for the conversion that's being disapproved.

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