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Memberful Integration
Memberful Integration

Connect Tapfiliate to Memberful and kick-start your SaaS/Subscription service's affiliate marketing program.

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This guide provides instructions on launching your affiliate marketing program for your subscription solution powered by Memberful. It offers guidance for two different setup scenarios:

  • For Memberful Users with WordPress:

If you're utilizing the Memberful plugin within your WordPress website.

  • For Memberful Users without WordPress:

If you've installed Memberful on a non-WordPress website.

Both setups can be configured to seamlessly handle recurring/lifetime commissions by connecting your Memberful account to both Tapfiliate and Stripe. Additionally, this integration supports the automatic management of refunds and disputes.

To activate your integration, follow these steps:

1. Create Your Tapfiliate Account:

Begin by setting up your Tapfiliate account.

2. Activate Tapfiliate Integration in Memberful:

Access your Memberful dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrate > Services.

Activate the Tapfiliate Integration.

Memberful x Tap activate button

3. Set the Redirect Page:

Go to Settings > Customize > Advanced in Memberful.

Specify the page where customers should be redirected after a successful order. Alternatively, you can set this per-plan basis by going to the desired plan and configuring the Redirect URL. This page typically serves as your thank you or confirmation page.


4. Proceed with Your Chosen Setup Option:

Continue with the setup option that best suits your needs.

In our Memberful integration guide, you will find step-by-step instructions that best align with your use case.

How to enable recurring commissions?

If you wish to track recurring commissions, remember to connect your Tapfiliate account to Stripe after completing the integration process.

Tapfiliate and Memberful integrate seamlessly with Stripe, allowing for the automation of specific tasks, including:

  • Issuing Recurring Commissions for continuous membership payments

  • Tracking Refunds effectively

  • Managing Disputes with ease

To enable automation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Integrations Page.

  2. Locate Memberful among your integrations and click on it > Connect.

Please ensure that you conduct a conversion test before launching your program. This step is essential for verifying the accuracy of your tracking setup. Detailed instructions for creating a test conversion can be found here.

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