Deleting a Conversion or a Customer

How to delete (test) Conversions or Customers from your account

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We don't recommend the deletion of actual conversions - we will always advise to disapprove conversions instead. 

However, in certain cases (such as test conversions that were tracked), the ability to delete conversions & customers can be quite handy. 

Deleting a Conversion

To delete a conversion go to your Conversions page, then click on the issued conversion. The right side panel will appear. Click on the three dots on the upper-left side of the panel.  

The option to Delete conversion will appear.  

Note: If you're deleting a conversion with commissions that have already been paid out, your affiliate's balance will be set back for the paid out amount

Deleting a Customer

Deleting a Customer is very similar to the process of deleting a conversion. You can go to your Customers page, and click on the Customer. The right-side panel will appear. Click on the three dots on the upper left side of the panel. 

The option to Delete the customer will appear. 

Note: Deleting the Customer within the context of a Lifetime/Recurring commissions program will release the customer. Because they no longer exist in the platform, this means that a different affiliate could refer them back to you and earn commissions for any conversions they drive. 

Need to delete multiple conversions or customers at once? 

It's possible to delete multiple affiliates through the REST API. To find out what endpoints to use, please refer to this article.

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