It's possible to reward certain affiliates with a different/higher rate of commission within the same program using our affiliate groups feature. 

It's a great solution if you want to, for example, divide your affiliates into groups. 

Let's say you have affiliates who drive a lot of conversions, so you want to categorize them as V.I.P. Affiliates and assign them a higher commission rate. It's a great way to keep your affiliates motivated and happy!

There are two key steps to complete to achieve this:

1. Create affiliate groups and add affiliates to that group

Go to your Affiliates Overview and check the box next the affiliate you want to add to a certain group. This will open the option to set an affiliate group near the top. 

When you click you on Set affiliate group, you get two options: 

  • Add the affiliate to an existing affiliate group 
  • Create a new affiliate group.  

If you have not yet created an affiliate group, check the "Create a new affiliate group" option and type the name. 

Remember to click the "+ Set affiliate group" button when you're done!

2. Assign the commission rate

To set new commission rates for an affiliate group, go to your Program > Program Settings > Commission Structure. 

Click on the "Edit" button of your existing standard commission setting

This will open a window. In the Affiliate group commission rates section, pick the affiliate group and assign that group their commission rate. 

You can add multiple affiliates to this group you've created, or even create multiple affiliate groups, each with their own commission rate. 

Once you're done, remember to hit save! 

Optional: Setting commission rates for additional commission types

If you have multiple commission types for product/sku (these would be listed in your Extra commissions section) and would like your affiliate groups to also have different commission rates for these cases, you can assign a different commission rate for that specific commission type. 

You'd click on the "Edit" button next to the commission type and follow the same instructions (in step 2) to set a commission rate for an affiliate group. 

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