Commission types give you the flexibility to setup varying commission structures. Please be aware that you might need the help of a developer for this.

When would you use commission types?

Commission types can be used for the following use cases: 

  • To reward affiliates commissions for different actions (eg. a commission for selling products, and a different commission for newsletter signups).
  • To give affiliates different commissions for different products/services (eg. one commission for imported perfumes, and a different for your hand-made soaps).

Creating a commission type and making Tapfiliate to track it 

  1. Create the new commission type(s) on the platform: From the dashboard, click on 'Programs' > Select your program >  Then 'Settings'  > and then on 'Commission structure' > scroll down to extra commissions >> click the 'add commission type' button > Fill in the information (you will need to use the 'Commission type identifier' for the next step).
  2. Add the commission type identifier created in step 1) to your Tapfiliate conversion code, or using the conversionMulti method. This might require the help of a developer, and here is the JavaScript documentation needed.
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