If you'd like to track free trial users or referred leads, we've made it possible to capture and link the referred user to an affiliate using our Customers Feature. This allows you to link a user to an affiliate without attributing commission right away. 

Here you will find instructions on how to start tracking referred leads or trial users. 

1. Modify your conversion code

Tracking a trial or a lead begins with a small change to your conversion code. You can find the changes for registering both trial users or leads documented in our JS developer docs

Alternatively, you can also create a customer through the API with status set to 'trial' or 'lead' .

2. Add conversions

Once the lead or trial user becomes a paying customer, proceed to add conversions to that customer in one of the following ways: 

  • Manual: Add conversions through the Conversions interface.
  • API: Add conversions for a trial user or lead using this endpoint. If you're looking to set up recurring commissions through the API, see this article. Please keep in mind that you might need the help of developer to set this up for you. 
  • Zapier: For certain integrations we have pre-made Zaps for cases of recurring commissions. See this article on how to set up recurring commission through Zapier.
  • Integration: Some of our integrations automatically support conversion tracking without using the API. You can check if your integration supports automatic tracking here, by going to your integration. 

Pro Tip: If you'd like to limit the amount of conversions an affiliate is entitled to for any given customer, you can set up caps.
Note: Are you an e-commerce business? Then this article regarding lifetime commissions could interest you.

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