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Integrating with Stripe
Integrating with Stripe

Learn how to integrate Tapfiliate with Stripe.

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Stripe integration in Tapfiliate allows you to track affiliate conversions and recurring/lifetime commissions, handle refunds and disputes, and other automation features for your affiliate program using Stripe as the payment gateway.

In your custom-made website's codebase, add the Tapfiliate tracking code snippets appropriate for your setup type:

  • Immediate purchase: (e-commerce and SaaS without a free trial).

  • Sign up first, purchase later: (SaaS and lead-generation businesses).

This Stripe integration guide contains instructions for two types of settings.

Additional: Tracking via coupon codes

To ensure proper coupon tracking:

  • You have to create a coupon code in Stripe

  • You have to assign the same coupon to an affiliate profile in your Tapfiliate account

  • Once the coupon is attached, your developer can send the conversion data using the code snippet below.

  tap('conversion', 'UNIQUE CONVERSION ID', CONVERSION_AMOUNT, {"coupons": "COUPON_ID"})

Note: a conversion will not be tracked if the coupon code is not attached to an existing affiliate in your Tapfiliate program.

Also, you can check our video guide below to see how Stripe integration can be implemented.

Looking ahead, please bear in mind that you may need the help of a developer to set unique variables for STRIPE CUSTOMER ID and/or STRIPE CHARGE ID from Stripe's API into our code.

The Stripe Integration hinges on the use of these specific values.

The Stripe Customer ID and Stripe Charge ID are found on Stripe's API docs The Customer Object & the Charge object.

You can refer the Stripe's API from the links below:

If you use Stripe within another platform, it is recommended to follow the integration guide provided by that specific platform as each platform may have its own integration process and steps tailored to their system. Please refer to the documentation for the appropriate platform instead.

How do I verify my Stripe integration is working?

We've prepared a step-by-step guide for troubleshooting Stripe integration.

Remember to test the integration before launching the program.

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