At Tapfiliate, we want to make sure you not only make the best out of your free trial, but that you have every tool and feature at your disposal. 

Your Tapfiliate trial includes access to all Tapfiliate features of the plan you've chosen to trial. Next to that you can count on having access to our REST API, use Zapier to create automations, and begin inviting your affiliates so they can begin driving conversions and earning commissions.

This means that you can explore the full potential of our Starter, Essential and Pro plans starting on Day 1 of your free trial. 



Do you offer demos?

We offer a weekly, scheduled webinar demo which you can sign up to.

During this demo, we offer a firsthand look at the platform, as well as cover some basic functionalities. If you have any questions during the demo, you're welcome to ask them in the livechat. There is always a Customer Support agent present in our webinars, ready to tackle your questions on the spot.

If you'd like a glimpse into our platform before signing up and don't have the time to check out the webinar, you may check out the Inside Tapfiliate section of our support documentation. Here you will find high-level overviews of the core pages and functionalities of Tapfiliate.

Ready to dive in on your own? In that case, sign up for our 14-day trial. We have carefully laid out a customer journey (starting at signup), that will introduce all important concepts of our platform to you.

Can I get a personalized walkthrough?

At this time, we do not offer personalized walkthroughs. If there are any specific questions about our platform, feel free to forward those to our Customer Support team.

We ask users to sign up for our free trial so that they can get a first-hand look at our software at their own pace. Next to that, we have a rich support base that compliments the setup process and delves deep into features and functionalities.

If you have any questions, your can contact our support team via chat. They'll be happy to provide further insight.

Does Tapfiliate offer call support?

No - Tapfiliate currently only offers support via chat and online channels. For more information, you can refer to this article.

Can I start a trial without a payment method?

Sure! According to our recent changes, you will be asked to enter your billing information by the end of your trial period. You will be able to add this information right after signing up.

However, most of our users start running their affiliate programs within the first few days of setting up Tapfiliate in their websites and have active programs before the end of the 14-day trial period.

Please note that billing starts automatically when the 14-day free trial ends. In case there are no billing details added, the account will be locked. It's also worth noting that Tapfiliate has a 30-day money back guarantee - so if you close your account within 30 days of your first payment, we'll refund your fee, no questions asked.

I don't have a credit card - is there another payment method I could use?

Yes - you may also use PayPal to open your Tapfiliate account.

How does billing work?

Your monthly billing starts automatically at the end of your trial period. You will be charged for the plan you've chosen to trial (Starter, Essential or Pro).

Is it possible to create a custom plan or mix & match features?

No, this isn't possible. Out of fairness to our other users, we do not offer any other plans outside of the ones advertised in our Pricing page.

Do you offer discounts on subscription?

No - our current prices per plan are advertised on our Pricing page.

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