How affiliates can track individual traffic sources

Create special links and assets that point to sources of traffic

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Sources feature

The Sources feature allows affiliates to add a special parameter to their links that can help determine the source of traffic to their merchant's site.

This is useful in a variety of settings. For example, affiliates can set a different source for each of these instances: 

  • To track traffic from a specific blog post or video

  • To assess the traffic coming from a specific social media platform

  • To evaluate the performance of a deep link 

  • To analyze the placement of multiple links (in an email, for example)

  • To see if your reviews containing referral links gain traction

  • A/B testing 

Knowing the source can help affiliates better understand how and where their efforts are paying off and where their audiences are coming from. Affiliates will be able to see clicks and conversions per source they've created. 

Affiliates can add as many different sources as they like. We encourage Advertisers to share this article with them. 

How to create Sources

  1. In the affiliate dashboard, click on the Source tab, on the left-hand side. 

   2. Click on the 'New sources'  button. 

   3. Fill out the requested fields & create your new source.

   4. Next, you can go to your Assets wall & click the 'Advanced' button on the right. Select the source - this will attach a unique source parameter (something along the lines of ?tap_s=abc123 ) to all links on the assets page. 

   5. Once traffic has been generated through these new affiliate link with special sources, you will be able to see the exact number of clicks that have come from those specific sources on the Reporting page, in the Source tab. 


Can Advertisers see my sources?

No - sources are personal. As an affiliate-only feature, Advertisers do not have access nor see the specific sources you have created.

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