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Inviting affiliates to your program

Learn how to add new affiliates to your account, or invite existing ones to participate in your affiliate marketing program

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There are several ways to add affiliates to your program. 

If the affiliates do not yet exist

Share the link pointing to your program's sign-up page. You can either find the link on your dashboard.

Or you can also retrieve the invite link for a program from your Affiliates Overview.

We've also added nifty buttons that make it easy to share these on social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Manually add affiliates to your program

On your Affiliates Overview page, click on "New affiliate" at the top right.

This opens a window that gives you two options for adding an affiliate: 

Note: It's possible to create affiliates through the API and add them to your program. If you're using Single Sign On (SSO), your developers can use this guide to set up.

Inviting/switching existing affiliates to a new program? 

If your affiliates already exist in your Tapfiliate account, you can add them to a new program using Batch Actions. This way affiliates will have access to their new program Assets and marketing materials for the new program, while still using their previous login credentials! Do bear in mind, however, that a new link will be generated for the new program.

In the case that you'd like to change an affiliate's commission rate, simply use the affiliate groups feature to set them in a group and raise their reward. This also allows them to keep their existing referral link.

Pro tip: Affiliate links are created using 7 random symbols, but it's very easy for them to change their referral codes in their accounts.

Here's a quick video of the process!

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