If you want to reward your affiliates with different commission rates you can create multiple affiliate groups. It allows you to reward certain affiliates with different commission rates within the same program.

It's a great solution if you want to (eg.) divide your affiliates into groups. Let's say you have affiliates who drive a lot of conversions, so you want to list them as V.I.P. Affiliates and award them with a higher commission rate than your other affiliates. It's a great way to keep your affiliates motivated and happy. 

Create affiliate groups and add affiliates
Go to your affiliates overview and check the box next the affiliate's name you want to add to a certain group. This will open the option to set an affiliate group. 

When you click you on set affiliate group you get two options, either add the affiliate to an existing affiliate group or create a new one. Check the create a new affiliate group option and type the title, then click + set affiliate group. 

Now you still need to add a commission rate to the affiliate group. To set new commission rates for an affiliate group, go to Program > Settings > Commission Structure.

You can set a different commission rate for a group by doing one of two things: either by adding new commission rates to your standard commission setting, or (if you’re looking to create more specific commissions- eg. per product/sku) by heading over to the new section section titled Extra Commissions. The steps are the same. 

Click on edit next to the standard commission. 

Scroll down to affiliate group commission rates and toggle on the group you have created in the affiliate overview. Type in the commission rate and hit save! You can add multiple affiliates to this group or even create multiple affiliate groups. 

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