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How to expose meta data to your affiliates
How to expose meta data to your affiliates

An easy way to pass all the additional information from a conversion to your affiliates

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With Tapfiliate, it's possible to pass additional information along with a conversion. The detailed guide on how to add meta data to conversions or customers can be found in our tech guide.

But what if you need to expose this data to your affiliates as well? You'll have to switch on the new option available in the Advanced settings of your advertiser account.

Go to the Settings > Programs > Advanced > Check if al meta data you require is listed in the first field and comma separated > Toggle the Expose all meta data to affiliates option on.

Once a conversion containing meta data is tracked, your affiliate will be able to view it in his affiliate portal, in the Conversions&Commissions section - both in the old and the new versions of affiliate portal.

New portal: in the Conversions&Commissions page > click on the conversion > view the meta data on the sidebar.

Old version: Conversions&Commissions section > metadata will appear when hovering to a dedicated column.

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