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Affiliate Portal

Experience the benefits of a completely updated and feature-rich affiliate dashboard

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All Tapfiliate partners have access to their very own dedicated dashboard.

Realizing that a better affiliate experience can impact your overall conversions, the Tapfiliate team is pumped to announce the release of a new user-friendly affiliate portal 🎉

Affiliate Portal Overview

We have recorded a comprehensive webinar about our affiliate portal. This webinar provides an in-depth overview of the features, functionalities, and best practices for using the portal effectively.

Watch the Affiliate Portal Webinar here:

What’s new?

Besides a completely new intuitive layout, the updated Affiliate Portal can boast a number of newly-developed features:

Short links

With the short links generator, your partners will be able to create attractive affiliate links, hiding referral codes or their sub IDs.

Why use short links? They are easier to share on social media. So if you want to go viral, a shortened link can be a great way to trigger social sharing.

Deep links

Let your affiliates generate deep links to a specific product or category page on the advertiser's website. This feature will help to drive more targeted traffic to relevant pages, increasing the chances of conversion.

Sources (revamped)

With sources, you can get more in-depth stats within the reporting module. Knowing the source can help affiliates better understand how and where their efforts are paying off and where their audiences are coming from. Affiliates will be able to see clicks and conversions per source they've created.

Customized affiliate portal

Wrap the affiliate dashboard in any custom color that matches your brand. You will also be able to white-label the affiliate dashboard with your logo for better brand visibility.

You can also customize the existing wording of your affiliates' accounts to one that is more appropriate for your business/brand.

Utilize our custom wording feature in the admin account to make these adjustments, and they'll immediately reflect in your affiliates' accounts.

This feature is available on our Enterprise plan. To access it, consider upgrading your plan via the Billing page.

New “Downloads” section

We've simplified affiliate report management with the new "Downloads" section in the Affiliate portal. It consolidates exported report links, saving time and ensuring a smoother process. All CSV files are now conveniently stored in one location for easy access and management.

Conversion filters

In the updated Conversions section, we've added new filters for more flexibility and insights:

Date Filter: Affiliates can now focus on specific date ranges for their conversions.

Affiliate Program Filter: Users can analyze conversions by different affiliate programs, gaining deeper insights.

Another benefit is that your affiliates can retrieve lighter reports from this section, reducing the time required for exporting files.

Reporting on Sub_ids

By leveraging Sub_IDs, affiliates can gain a deeper understanding of their marketing efforts, leading to more effective and profitable campaigns.

Here's how to append Sub_ID parameters to their Tapfiliate affiliate links:

There's a new feature related: Sub_ID Reporting. This enhancement allows you to gain detailed insights into the performance of the affiliate links by tracking specific traffic sources and campaign elements. With this data, you can better understand which strategies are most effective and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Tapfiliate In-Platform Messenger

Our In-Platform Messenger is powerful feature that facilitates seamless communication between advertisers and affiliates, fostering collaboration and streamlining information flow.

More information about how to use the feature on the advertiser side can be found here.

Here's how to use it from the affiliate portal:

Notifications section: Affiliates can be notified about important news, changes, etc.

Dialogues section: A live chat between advertisers and affiliates can be initiated within the platform.


Is it possible to select the language within the new affiliate portal?

The new affiliate portal is available in the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

To change the language, click on the bubble at the top with your initials > Profile settings.

In your profile settings, you can also change your contact information or password.

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