This automated payout feature is currently under closed beta. It is available for Tapfiliate customers on Pro and Enterprise pricing plans only. If you would like to join the beta test, please read all the details below and contact the Tapfiliate Customer Success team by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

What you'll need for the beta test

To make bulk auto payouts you will need to create an account in Trolley and connect it to your Tapfiliate account. To ensure smooth alignment please withhold creating a Trolley account until Tapfiliate has sent a confirmation email to start the payout beta test.

Trolley is a global payments platform that allows you to manage and send your affiliate payouts from just one convenient dashboard. With the Tapfiliate – Trolley integration, you can easily leverage Trolley to make bank transfers and PayPal payments to all of your affiliates.

With Trolley you will be able:

  • make your payment process easier with push-button payouts

  • collect W-9 and other tax forms from your affiliates (for US businesses)

  • generate invoices for your affiliates if necessary

Your Trolley sign-up process

When you sign up for a 30-day free trial with Trolley you are required to fill in specific company details. This is mandatory for Trolley to verify your account in order for you to make Bank Transfer payouts through Trolley. You will have to submit your information and wait until Trolley has verified your account. Once verified you can make payments from your Trolley account. Please note: that the verification process after submitting your info usually takes 5 business days.

Important information

  • Please note that Trolley is an external and independent paid service. They offer a free trial period of 30 days during which you will be able to test it and decide if you are interested in using the service.

  • The payment for your Trolley account will be managed through Trolley. This means that if your trial time (30 days) has expired Trolley will automatically charge you. Please make sure to cancel your Trolley account if you don’t wish to continue with the beta test. You can read about Trolley's prices here. Trolley will reach out to you to help you decide what pricing plan suits your use case best. Tapfiliate customers referred to Trolley are eligible for personal discounts.

The payout process

What the payout process looks like:

  1. You settle your balance as usual in the Payouts section in Tapfiliate

  2. All of the payout information is sent to your account in Trolley

  3. You top up your Trolley balance

  4. Click the payout button - and the payments are sent to your affiliates

Tax forms and invoices

If necessary you can also generate invoices in your Trolley account for your affiliates and pay them.

If you need W-9 or other tax forms from your affiliates, you can automatically send them an email. They will get the link to the form, fill it out and then tax forms will be generated automatically by Trolley.

Please note that the tax forms feature is available on the"Platform" pricing plan on Trolley.


The following business categories are not supported by Trolley:

  • MLM (Pyramid Schemes / Direct Selling companies)

  • Firearms

  • Cannabis / CBD

  • Gambling

  • Cryptocurrency

How to join the beta test

If you've read all the details in this article and want to take part in the closed beta test please contact our Customer Success team by clicking on the chat icon on our page's bottom right corner.

We will add you to our mailing list and will send you all the instructions a bit later (as we're currently still finishing the integration with Trolley).

What if I need the auto payouts, tax forms and/or invoicing features, but don't want to use Trolley?

This solution with Trolley is the first step in the development of the automated payouts feature in Tapfiliate. And we are already thinking about the second version of the payouts.

If you decide not to use it or have any concerns, please tell us about them using the Customer Success chat. It will help us to make the feature better for you in the future. We will reach out to you as soon as we have a new version of the test.

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