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Admitad Partner Network integration
Admitad Partner Network integration

Connect your affiliate program to Admitad Partner Network and explore the benefits of this complimentary integration

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If you're looking for more affiliates to help boost your conversions we've got the feature you're looking for: The Admitad Partner Network. Easily reach out to Admitad's publisher database by connecting your Tapfiliate portal with Admitad.

In this article we'll cover:

What does the feature do?

The Admitad Partner Network feature allows you to place your affiliate program in the Admitad Store via your existing Tapfiliate account. There is no need to create an account or even visit Admitad.

If you struggle with finding the resources for recruiting new affiliates for your program, you'll get access to more than 100K publishers by connecting to Admitad Partner Network. As a result, you'll get more traffic sources and even more happy customers 🤑

Which users can place their programs in the Admitad Store?

Here is a short list of the main requirements for the users who would like to integrate with Admitad Partner Network:

  • paying customers (in case you're still in your trial time, you'll have to wait until the free period is over)

  • users who have a least one active affiliate program in Tapfiliate, which is categorized. The category will be assigned to your affiliate program in your Tapfiliate account by our team by the end of your trial👌

  • the category of the program must be allowed in Admitad Store

  • advertiser has to be integrated at Tapfiliate via one of the integration types listed here

However, this feature has its limitation as well: every advertiser can place a maximum of one program per account.

It's also important to keep in mind, that not all markets are eligible to join Admitad Partner Network. You can find the allowed categories here.

  • Online services (B2B Online Services, Car, Event Tickets & Entertainments, Fitness, Healthcare Services, Jobs, Lead generation, Legal, Marketing & Promotion, Movies & Music, Online Education, Plugins & Tools, Streaming

    Telecommunications, Utilities, VPN, Website solutions & CMS)

  • Online shops (Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Books, Cars & Bikes, Food & Food delivery, Furniture & Homeware, Games, Gifts & Flowers, Hobby & Stationery, Household Appliances & Electronics, Jewelry & Luxury Goods, Personal Care & Pharmacy, Pets, Sports & Outdoor, Toys, Kids & Babies)

  • Travel (Car rentals, Cruises, Flights, Hotels, Package holidays, Tours etc.)

  • SaaS (CRM, Event Tickets & Entertainments, Finance, Healthcare Services, Lead generation, Legal, Logistics, Marketing & Promotion, Online Education, Plugins & Tools, Solutions for eCommerce, Streaming, Website solutions & CMS, B2B Online Services, Jobs)

  • Finance (Digital bank, Insurance, Investments, Loans, Payday Loans, Payments & Money transfer, Taxation)

  • Loyalty / Cashback

How is this integration set within Tapfiliate?

Step 1. If you meet all the requirements to place your program in the Admitad Store you'll see the integration description blocks in your account:

  • On the main account page as an onboarding step

  • On your Affiliates tab (you'll either have the option to connect to Admitad or to edit your settings in case the connection has already been established)

Step 2. After clicking the “Connect to Admitad” button on one of these blocks you'll be redirected to the section Affiliates - Affiliate Networks

Step 3. You will be asked to complete the fields (all of them are required) and hit the “Connect to Admitad” button.

Step 4. After that, information about your program from Tapfiliate will be transferred to Admitad Store via API.

The tracking flow

Basically, Tapfiliate is integrated with Admitad Partner Network via S2S (also known as Postback tracking).

  1. Each click is tracked both by Admitad and Tapfiliate.

  2. For each click Admitad generates a unique value of admitad_uid. This parameter contains the info about the publisher, the source, and the attributed program.

  3. Admitad_uid is stored for each click in Tapfiliate and in Admitad

  4. Every target action is tracked by Tapfiliate and the details are sent to Admitad via postback along with admitad_uid value.

  5. Using the admitad_uid, Admitad attributes target action to certain publisher.

Please note that usually conversions tracked by Tapfiliate are shown in Admitad program’s reports in real-time, sometimes it can take 1-2 mins.

Commission statuses in Tapfiliate and in Admitad

As you may know, there are no verifications required in Tapfiliate - you can change the status from Approved to Disapproved and again to Approved as many times as you want.

However, Admitad commissions require an approval period - the number of days during which you can change the commissions' statuses. For conversions that are not yet finalized we will display the future finalization date:

Once approval period is over, the commissions that are already approved/disapproved, are sent to Admitad and cannot be modified. Pending commissions become approved, the status is Finalized, sent to Admitad and cannot be modified as well.

The default approval period is 45 days. You can change it while filling in the integration form.

Paying out your affiliates

There are two options for you to pay to your Admitad publishers:

  • you can pay directly to the bank account in Germany

  • or you can use PayPal instead

Please note, that in the following cases the taxes and commissions are applying:

Advertiser’s country

Payout method





19% from a payout sum




19% from a payout sum

5% from (a payout sum + VAT)

All other countries




All other countries



5% from a payout sum

You can choose one of the options above while filling in the integration form.

To proceed with a payout, you will have to generate payout CSV-file with payout sums and payment details. Then you will be able to download ZIP-file with several files - for each payout method the you have chosen for your ordinary publishers + special separate file for Admitad.


Why does my affiliate program have an “On moderation” status?

This only means that your program is being checked. Normally, it can take up to 5 days for approval. The status in Tapfiliate will be updated in an hour after your program activation in Admitad.

How do I proceed if I want to remove some affiliate sources from my program?

We will manage this process on our end for your convenience. If you don't want to work with some specific publisher sources, you can let us know the publisher_id of the publisher in question and we'll exclude them from your program.

Which traffic types can I allow for my program?

You can decide whether you allow brand bidding within your program or not; all the other traffic types are allowed.

Can an advertiser change the settings in the integration form/delete the program from the store once the information has been sent to Admitad?

Of course! To proceed, please contact our Customer Support team ☀️

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