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I've forgotten my password - how can I reset it?
I've forgotten my password - how can I reset it?

This article explains how Advertisers and Affiliates can reset your password through your program's sign in page.

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In Tapfiliate, every activity - whether performed by an Advertiser or an Affiliate - will take place through the subdomain an Advertiser sets.

This means that the first step towards recovering your password is to find out what your subdomain is, so that you can request the password reset through the correct page.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps towards resetting your password through your subdomain.

Step 1. Find out your subdomain

Your program exists in a specific context called a subdomain. This means that when you attempt to login, the first thing you'll do is let us know the program you'd like to log into.

We've created a process that allows you to indicate the subdomain you'd like to

reach, so that we can connect you with the Login page of the program you're looking to access.

Forgotten subdomain?

If you do not recall which subdomain your program resides in, you may easily submit a request to retrieve subdomains you are signed up to by using the Forgot your subdomain link located at the bottom of the field.

What if my domain is custom?

If you have a custom domain, you can submit the fill custom domain address into the field (for example, We'll still be able to connect you to the custom domain where you can log into your account.

Step 2. Reach the Login page and request your password reset

Once you have found your subdomain, you can proceed to submit your password reset request through the program's login page. The link for resetting your password will be located just beneath the email and password fields:

What happens next?

If your email is connected to the program, you will be able to reset your password. That way, you can access your account.

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