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Removing old Shopify integration scripts
Removing old Shopify integration scripts

Preparing your store to track using the new Shopify integration.

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If you would like to use Tapfiliate's new Shopify app, we recommend tracing back your steps and removing the Tapfiliate scripts that were previously installed.

Here are the steps towards removing your old Shopify tracking scripts.

Step 1. Remove the click tracking script

Go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Click on actions > Edit Code. Select the theme.liquid file in the layouts folder. You would have installed the click tracking script, before the </head>.


Step 2. Remove the conversion tracking script

Go to Settings > Checkout > Scroll down to the option Order processing and keep scrolling until you see the section named Additional scripts.

Note: The scripts you're looking to remove look like the ones in this guide.

Step 3: Install your Shopify app.

Have your old scripts been cleared? Great! You're ready to level up your integration.

Follow the steps in the Shopify integration guide to install your plug-in and you'll be good to go!


What happens if I keep the old integration in place and install the Shopify plug-in?

If you have both the code-based integration and the plug-in installed, this is what will happen:

  • Clicks will track twice.
    This is because you will have two click-tracking scripts installed in your store. The presence of the referral parameter will trigger both scripts and register two clicks.

  • Conversions will track only once.
    We perform de-duplication based on the external_id value (in Shopify's case, the order number). This means we'd only track once per transaction, and you do not have to worry about duplicates.

We recommend removing your scripts to ensure that you keep accurate information about your affiliate-driven traffic and conversion rates.

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