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Logging into your Tapfiliate account via your subdomain
Logging into your Tapfiliate account via your subdomain

Whether you are an Advertiser or an Affiliate, Tapfiliate's new login flow will enhance your experience using our platform.

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What's new?

You may have noticed that we have introduced a new update to your login flow! (We're rolling out gradually to different segments of users, so don't worry if you haven't seen the change yet).

This means that brands and affiliates will be able to enjoy a smoother experience by using their program subdomain to log into their Tapfiliate accounts.

We’ve already sent advertisers an email with their subdomain and steps towards accessing their dashboards via this new method, but in case you need a refresher, we've prepared this nifty guide for you!

Explainer video

We make a quick explainer video showing how the new log in process works, in case you're having any issues.

It all begins with your subdomain

When visiting the login page, you will find a form that requires your subdomain.

Here you can type in your subdomain, and you'll be immediately taken to your program's Sign-in page.

Once there, simply type in your Advertiser or Affiliate credentials to gain access to your account.

Don't remember your subdomain?

If you don't remember your subdomain, you can always request your subdomain information using the "Forgot your subdomain?" link located just beneath the subdomain field.

Your subdomain information will then be sent to you via email.

Have a custom domain?

If you have a Pro account and you've set up a custom domain for your program, you can go directly to your Affiliate program's login page and sign in using your Advertiser credentials.

Alternatively, you can request a domain reminder via the "Forgot domain?" link on the login page.

Please note that if your custom domain isn't live/online yet, you will not be able to log in through it (because it isn't live). If you added the URL of your custom domain in Tapfiliate's admin panel, but the domain isn't live yet, please keep using the standard subdomain to log in.

Have any questions?

As always, our customer support team is happy to assist with any issues you encounter, as well as answer any of your questions via our website chat.

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